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  • P

    “I recently moved my small business insurance over to Erie; I already have my auto, homeowners and life insurance with them. than what I was paying my previous insurance company. I’d definitely recommend them!”

  • KL

    “My claim couldn’t have been easier if they tried. They helped me every step of the way and were willing to answer every question I had since this was a new experience for me. ”

  • RG

    “Clore Insurance is a great company to work with. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff and provide great rates compared to other insurance providers.”

  • LC

    “Best insurance group I’ve had the pleasure of being a client of! I’m saddened to know that after having to relocate that I will no longer be able to use their insurance services. Clore with Erie Insurance has the best quote as far as affordability and coverage tailored to fit my needs. I have also been invoked in three minor accidents (2 faults of others, one my own). Clore took care of all three claims very quickly. ”

  • DF

    “The best insurance agency I ever dealt with.

  • AW

    “I am not an insurance expert. I love that I can trust them to take care of my insurance needs and know they aren’t going to take advantage of me. I can ask questions anytime, they always take the time to answer, and I can go about my way, with one less worry!”

  • AG

    “Always attentive and easy to work with. Great service!

  • SG

    “The staff here at Clue is always available to talk. They work fast at getting information and advise.”

  • Nikki Calloway
  • KR

    “Exceptional. I am always impressed with the professionalism and genuine care for the clients that the Clore Insurance Group team exhibits. They offer the best rates and coverages around. Check them out.”

  • DB

    “Great service. Amazing rates and outstanding coverage. They are awesome to work with, very patient, super sweet and greatly helpful. ”

  • MW

    “I would highly recommend. They go above and beyond and they offer very competitive rates. There staff is very professional and friendly.”

  • Kevin Roberts

    “It’s like having insurance from your family. Always available, very helpful and they go the extra mile to serve your insurance needs. One time I was pulled over in Kentucky and I had forgot to put my new insurance card in my truck. Called the Clores and they were happy to email me a copy of my valid Erie insurance. Saved me a ticket and having to go thru the trouble of having to send paperwork to Maysville Ky police Dept. Give them a call!!

  • Amanda Rubeck

    “In business it’s not just about a great price, it’s about trust, expertise, partnership, and honesty. Clore Insurance provides all of those with coverage you won’t find elsewhere.”

  • David N Carol East

    “We recently decided to evaluate our insurance on our home & autos and liked the coverage options Erie offered better than any other we researched.”

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